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Nashie-C's MMDC Departure Gift by Nashie-C Nashie-C's MMDC Departure Gift :iconnashie-c:Nashie-C 487 161 Final ask by Ask-Tei-the-Yandere Final ask :iconask-tei-the-yandere:Ask-Tei-the-Yandere 6 8 Back from the dead by Ask-Tei-the-Yandere Back from the dead :iconask-tei-the-yandere:Ask-Tei-the-Yandere 8 1 Night by Ask-SfA2-Miki Night :iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 4 0 [MMD Video] Papito by Ask-SfA2-Miki [MMD Video] Papito :iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 4 2 [ Nashie-C Styled Vocaloid ] by Nashie-C [ Nashie-C Styled Vocaloid ] :iconnashie-c:Nashie-C 982 428
Important MMD Announcement.
After a long hard think, I've come to a decision that may both upset and excite people simultaneously.
I'm going to release everything. Yes, everything aside from purchasable content and my own self-models. For anyone to use in whatever way they want providing they don't break MMD rules. Credit won't even be required, just appreciated. I'll probably create a master post of some sort for all to access, I'm not quite sure yet, but I'll think of something. 
Why am I doing all this? Well, I suppose I want to move forward from MMD. I have an interest in both digital and traditional art in which I want to pursue, MMD is feeling like a chore more than a passion so I want to put these things first. Going ahead and doing these things, however, would be breaking a lot of "promises" I made about finishing things, so I feel as if releasing everything would be a way I could make up for this. Keep in mind said things I'll be releasing will mostly be work in progress projects that won'
:iconnashie-c:Nashie-C 30 47
Ask #6 by Ask-SfA2-Miki Ask #6 :iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 3 1 Ask #5 by Ask-SfA2-Miki Ask #5 :iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 5 0 Answer 28 by AskMayuVocaloid Answer 28 :iconaskmayuvocaloid:AskMayuVocaloid 5 1 Ask #4 by Ask-SfA2-Miki Ask #4 :iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 4 5 Answer 2 by Ask-ME-Piko Answer 2 :iconask-me-piko:Ask-ME-Piko 4 1 Ask #2 and #3 by Ask-SfA2-Miki Ask #2 and #3 :iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 4 1 Ask #1 by Ask-SfA2-Miki Ask #1 :iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 3 0
M/A's and rules!
 M/A Types and limitations:
Crush M/As: CharacterA has a crush on characterB for 1 – 5 asks. 
Presence M/As:  A specified character will be present for 1 – 5 asks.
Effect M/As: The muse or another present character will have an effect(sick, drunk, etc) on them for 1-5 asks.
Personality M/As: The muse will have a specific kind of personality for 1-5 asks.
1. For presence M/As, please only pick models that Jjinomu has made models of!
2. No appearance M/As, by these I mean ones that involve changing a character’s outfit.
4. No R-18
5. Only 1 M/A per M/A type, like only one presence M/A at a time, one crush M/A at a time, etc,  however the M/A can still involve more than one character if specified.
6. For presence M/As, the max amount of characters that can be picked is 3. 
7. For presence M/As, only pick vocaloids or UTAUloids.
Current M/A's:
None at the moment.
:iconask-sfa2-miki:Ask-SfA2-Miki 2 0


I made a tumblr, if you want to follow it:

Sorry for the inactivity on this account!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Icon/Profile Picture by: Me
Models in Icon by: Jjinomu

Muses: Miku Hatsune, KAITO, MEIKO, Rin Kagamine, Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine
Mod Amount: Only one as of now!

An account for asking the Crypton Future Media VOCALOID's!
Ft a mundane who should probably sleep cause they've been up for 3 days or more by this point, but still likely won't!

All MMD model's used are not mine, and I give full credit to the makers. Credit will usually be in descriptions


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Mi: "Hello there Yohioloid!"

Lu: "Aah, more loid's have been making ask blogs-- how wonderful!" 

((Welcome to Deviantart! Sorry for not answering this through MMD, I'm procrastinating it;; haha whoops))
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How are you guys?

(Ahaha, it's okay :))
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Lu: "We're doing quite alright here-- how about you?"

(One of my muse's has been dead for a month or so because of my procrastination whoops,-)
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((This is so late but hiii! Sorry for hiatus I lost my MMD mood then started procrastinating it;; ))
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hello? is anyone there?
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(Mmmhhmm, just lost MMD mood again, ahaha)
(It'll come back eventually)

(As for the topic of you wanting to learn MMD, LearnMMD has lots of helpful tips-- plus, theres a lot of youtube tutorials for people who get confused by LearnMMD's guides)
Wildfire219 Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
how do you make mmds? i needss help
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